Horseworms are creatures that roam the earth through the imagination of those who choose to believe. They have characteristics of mainly a horse and worm but there are subspecies that have developed over time to resemble bananas, hippos and zebras, to name a few. Their role in the animal kingdom is to bring joy to all. 






Genus: Equus Lumbricus Terrestris (Horseworm)

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My name is Tapanga and I am a Hippopotamus Equus Lumbricus Terrestris or more commonly known as a Hippo Horseworm. I am 10 months old and love eating pink cotton candy and smiling. My teeth may look ferocious, but I promise I don’t bite….hard.

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Grandma Betty

Genus: Equus Lumbricus Terrestris (Horseworm)

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My name is Fank and I am an Ariera Equus Lumbricus Terrestris but among the trees I am know as a Banana Horseworm. I am 1 year old and my best friend is a plantain. We look so similar people often mistake us for brothers, which is silly because she’s a girl! My dream is to find a good home and bring joy to all who meet me.

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My name is Ryele and I am a Secale Equus Lumbricus Terrestris, more commonly known as a Rye Horseworm. I am 8 months old and unfortunately have intolerance to gluten. Even though I cant enjoy eating yummy baked goods I still love baking all sorts of delicious treats.

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How do you do?

My name is Bill and I am a Bubalus Equus Lumbricus Terrestris, but my colleagues know me as a Water Buffalo Horseworm. I am 4 months but I have the maturity of a much older Horseworm. I enjoy caring for my succulents and reading classic literature.

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Um.. like hi

My name is Jay-queline and I am an Equus Quagga Lumbricus Terrestris. But to make it easy for you, I am Zebra Horseworm. I’m only 9 months old and cant get enough of fruit stripped gum. I also love everything striped, duh. If you’re looking for a Horseworm with sass and style then you have found her.

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Genus: Equus Lumbricus Terrestris (Horseworm)

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